“Now it’s Windows 10. Will we see future versions named after big cats?”

Real question from the press at the unveiling of Windows 10. Brilliant! :D

(For the uninitiated, Apple shifted to calling their versions by big-cat names after launching Mac OS X about a decade ago.)

The new iPhones launch tomorrow, and people line up over a day in advance.

For a new phone?! Lining up for over a day? This has to be crazy, right?

… On the other hand, I did stay up till 4am last Friday morning to pre-order my new iPhone. So… I should probably shut up. :P

I feel like this post from last year is more relevant after India’s disastrous Test series against England:

Back this Indian team, cricket fans.

They’ll lose for a bit, but they’ll build character as they do. They’ll learn to win, in time, just as the previous generation did, but meanwhile, let’s back them to the hilt.

Instead of a disaster last year, we got the disaster this year. Although, that’s not all of it, by far. I can understand the outside edges, and even perhaps the uncertainty outside the off stump. They didn’t dare leave balls they’d otherwise leave, thinking that the odd one might come in on the bounce. That, I can chalk up to inexperience.

But the slip catching? The across-the-line swipes? The nick when trying to leave the ball and get the bat out of the way?! Those were inexcusable. They’re young; they’re new; they’ll learn. But they didn’t fight. Except Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, they didn’t fight. And that’s a pity, and that’s the reason to be mad and upset.

Torrid time for Virat Kohli, though. I don’t think it would have mattered if he was batting in his back yard—he’d still nick the ball, the kind of form he’s in. Hang in there, Virat—people more experienced than you have suffered the same, and worse.

And the rest (those not playing the ODIs)—go back home and find your off stump. And practice some slip catching!